A Croatian made superb electric car is called DOK-ING XD. Despite it uses electric as the main source of energy, this baby could reach 100km/h from a standstill position in a mere 7.7 seconds.



Second quickest electric car compare to Tesla Roadster Electric Car that capable to reach 60mph within a mere 3.9 seconds!

This amazing record is achievable owing to its 80kW/360Nm electric motor, powered by XD’s banks of lithium-ion-phosphate batteries. Other amazement come from the rapid design process to manufacturing. DOK-ING XD project took a mere three months from concept to completion for manufacturing.


A single recharge would let DOK-ING XD reach 200-250km, a bit shorter in distance to Tesla Roadster’s 480-500km per single recharge.

Weighing 1,100kg DOK-ING XD has a dimension of 2.8-metres in length and 1.7-metres in width, DOK-ING XD obtains the same level of height as some other small SUVs at approx. 1.6-metres tall.

Despite the speed and recharging time that seems to be slower and faster than Tesla Roadster, DOK-ING XD hold the world record for fastest mini electric car for the time being.

Hopefully this would be a trigger for other electric car manufacturer to come up with even efficient and cost effective electric car in near future!

No info on pricing and availability yet.