Nikko Van Stolk has an intriguing concept about watercraft, dubbed as Dolphin Hydrofoil Watercraft. The Dolphin Hydrofoil Watercraft is actually a jet ski that has been designed a bit higher seating and that provides enough distance between the rider and the water surface.


The way Dolphin Hydrofoil Watercraft concept being designed will not let you worry about getting wet or out of balance. The fron hydrofoil more resemble wings that support the rider’s body weight and overally, the Dolphin Hydrofoil Watercraft looks to obtain its own auto balancing capability.

The rear and the front hydrofoil are like wings supporting the rider, thus making it possible for him to speed up without the fear of touching the water surface. Actually, it’s more like a sports bike on which you are in a racing position completely!

Besides, rider of this Dolphin Hydrofoil watercraft will be able to ride through waves as the front hydrofoil cuts through the waves and cutting the waves’ impact on the rider.

No info on mass production and pricing yet!

[ Source: Walyou ; BornRich ; Nikko Van Stolk ]