Stiff competition in modern living has made many adults lack of rest. It is, however, the consequences for living in modern society, where jobs, kids, spouse and daily occupations are endless worrying circles for us to tackle.

While lack of sleep could simply mean deteriorating your own health. And ironically, taking a good rest is one of the main ingredients that will help us restore body functions and immune system.



And here comes the gadget that will assist you getting enough hours of sleep. Designed by Tan Weihao Rios, it is a cute alarm clock to help you catch a bit more sleep. DOoP alarm clock will help you figure out the needed balance for enough sleeping. It will help to calculate how much sleep you actually need. The red and green dials appear on the face will inform which stage you are at.

Besides playing as an alarm clock, DOoP will also tell you how much sleep you actually needed. There is also a countdown timer and a night light. DOoP will wake you up with sound and light, tickling more on your senses.

Sadly, this is just a concept, but since this isn’t something very complicated to make, we hope that we will see it on shelves pretty soon.

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