Door Knob Hanger : Hand-Le Knob

by Edward Xu

in transformer gadgets

Okay, we know that we have talked a lot about horrible hand today, but the following hand is a cool one, not artificial or broken one. 🙂

Designed by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville and being publicly shown during London Design Festival,  this terminator “hand” like gadget is door handle taking the shape similar to human’s “right hand”.

The door knob hanger is named “Hand-le” – not “Han Li” that’s a chinese name! 🙂


If you have a good corporate culture environment, this door knob hanger might just another reminder for your employees to always be thankful and grateful to others’ help, also another smile of the day every time your colleagues or employees shake hand to open door through this unique door handle.

And suppose this door knob also function as a hanger? I bet it could, however would user use it as a cloth hanger? Is up to your taste perhaps, we respect any usage idea that could pop up on you mind!

The door knob hanger design comes in two types, a feminine hand shape and a masculine one. Yours to choose, unfortunately no other gender beside those two available here!


The Door Hand-le is made of pure solid Aluminum, and it’s currently produced by Pols Potten from Netherland.

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ;  2DAY ; LikeCool ; Pols Potten ]

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Brian mk

very good idea sure it would kick off but needs to be published more

derek Hounslow

could you tell me where we can buy the hand le handle and how much they are.
D Hounslow

Edward Xu

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