Dragonfly Helicopter, as it was named, is designed resembling a dragonfly, light weight and has powerful motors capable of flying the 230 pound copter at a top speed of 100 knots. The primary fuel is using hydrogen peroxide and the Dragonfly Helicopter use up to 11 gallons of hydrogen per hour, which in fact,  is not an economical machine.

Dragonfly helicopter is a combination of Hydrogen Motors and Helicopter. There are two engines with dimension of 8 inches long 1.5 pounds each capable of producing 204hp (102hp each) and can push 230 pound unit at a top speed of 100 knots.


Latest Dragonfly helicopter could fly for 90 minutes in the air, and the control is made much more simpler than standard helicopter. No further details how high the Dragonfly Helicopter could fly up in the sky, but it takes four months to make one such single seated helicopter.

Price: USD120,000.-

[ Source: Automotto ; Wired ]