A tiny robotic ‘insect’ that become the bleeding edge of military research will be useful for surveillance tasks as well as spying the enemies at the battlefield with ease.

The Unmanned ‘dragonfly’ aircraft is probably the smallest drone ever created with the size nothing compared to the big military jet-plane. Created by researchers at the Micro-Aviary at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the insect aircraft has super-sensitive motion capture sensors capable to track a tiny plane or helicopter’s position within about a tenth of an inch.

From the tiny ‘flapping-wings’ dragonfly aircraft outlook alone, you can’t see much beside a circuit board, a super-tiny motor and two insect-like wings.


At the least, this type of tiny surveillance dragonfly robot will help soldiers at the unknown battlefield to capture enemies’ key command base and inform the command center about how many army, weapons and explosives material on the enemy’s base.

Should this type of dragonfly robot being released as a commercial surveillance gadget? Privacy would become a big issue by that time!

[ Source: Above Top Secret ]