Do you enjoy listening to your favorite tunes or music while working? Philips has recently unveiled their Fidelio DS6600 SoundSphere speaker as a movable and portable music gadget, ideal for moving between rooms, but we think it is a little bit not so convenience to bring it along with your travel bag.

Anyway, Philips Fidelio DS6600 SoundSphere speakers look nice on a desktop where you have a large office desk. Designed primarily of iOS devices, Philips Fidelio SoundSphere speakers promise no compromising on sound quality. There is a USB connector for hook it up to your laptop or PCs and the 3.5mm audio jack port that should work nicely with other portable mobile devices including media players, non-iOS smartphones or tablets.


You will find iPod/iPhone dock has been integrated into the speaker itself in a minimalist way. A set come with two transportable speakers that could be placed at your preferred angles.

Currently available over UK’s Apple Store for GBP399, do you think it will fit for low budget buyers? Really doubt that one.

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