Enjoy pleasant moment with your favorite pets at home while doesn’t know how to maintain a clean house? While your cats or dogs could be walking around the house all day long, how would vacuum cleaning job able to clean all those loose hairs shed by your pets?

dyson-groom-tool-loose-hair-and-dead-skin-problemImmediately after you suck the last bit of dust from your living room sofa or carpet, your dog might appears in your kitchen leaving few other loose hairs. Loose hair on dogs and cats is a problem faced by pet lovers all over the world, and luckily, folks at Dyson UK has been doing their home work on this particular problem, searching the best way to prevent loose hairs problem of your pets before it is likely to happen again in your home.

Some dogs might just shed their coats several times annually, leaving constant stream of discarded hair in their wake. For those of you living with medium to long haired pooches, brushes with stainless steel bristles will long have been an essential part of the dog grooming tool.

dyson-groom-toolThe answer is a vacuum cleaner that designed with stainless steel bristles to remove loose hair and dead skin on your pets.
The bristles are designed with 35 degrees angle and any dead skin cells that get disturbed during the process are captured by a nozzle near the spring-loaded brush adjustment mechanism.

Bristles and air flow are controlled via thumb pressure on a tab. As the thumb is lifted, pressure is reduced and the bristles retract. Simultaneously, air flow is re-directed to suck hair and allergens into the clear bin – hygienically.

The newly introduced vacuum cleaner’s attachment is suitable for medium to long haired dogs, it will sucks up loose hair and dead skin before it gets anywhere near your clean floor.

Dyson Groom tool will fit most of the company’s vacuum cleaners, expect to see Dyson Groom tool sometime within next spring in UK, or you could simply order online now from Dyson Direct.

Price: GBP40.- [ USD64.- ]

[ Source: Gizmag ; Dyson ]