What luck has Dyson Multiplier bladeless fan been? The revolutionary Dyson fan has now been massively cloned in China that has complete same looks and functions as the original Dyson Multiplier Fan.


Abiko, the China cloner company has cloned the Dyson Multiplier fan with some added features that would let huge users in China’s market to enjoy the affordable cloned version.

For a price slightly cheaper than the original Dyson Multiplier fan, really a big question why would anybody buy the cloned product? Unless the fan is priced fraction of the original, which we have seen some on the Aliexpress site, why would people get the cloned version while the original version is few bucks away with product warranty and support?

Price: USD223.- [ original Dyson Multiplier Fan USD300.- ]

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Crunchgear ; Dyson ]