A France based robot manufacturer, EOS Innovation has recently unveiled their E-One remote monitoring robot that designed with a height of 60cm, weighing 22 lbs, and a rechargeable battery that offer up to 4 hours of monitoring. Other features including Wi-Fi, high resolution cameras, two built-in speakers, mobile pico projector, USB port and an omnidirectional microphones.

Currently at experimental stage, the E-One robot has the capability to have it patrol on its own and advise its owner should it detect anything unusual. The rounded shape E-One must remind Star Wars’ fans about R2-D2, or perhaps this is a ‘clone’ that will reach out for help while enemy is not paying any attention.


EOS Innovation Europe is planning to release the E-One robot to help and assist senior citizen, elderly or disabled people down the road, as a telepresence robot with its face displayed on the screen.


[ Source: Plastic Pals ; EOS Innovation Europe ]