By far, this is the first one seat ‘multicopter’ prototype that really took off from the ground back in late October last month. Thomas Senkel e-volo is the first pilot that test out the multicopter on an airstrip in the southwest of Germany, flew up on the air about one minute and 30 seconds.

Thomas Senkel himself is a physicist, designer as well as the builder of the ‘multicopter’, piloted the aircraft from a center-mounted seat, using a handheld wireless control unit.

According to e-Volo’s team, the multicopter is simpler in construction and mechanics compare to a helicopter, and safer, the multicopter could still land safely even with up to four of its motors failed or when the propellers experience some minor wear.

There are onboard computers that designed with custom firmware that control and monitor the rotational speed of the propellers, dictating the attitude as well as the altitude and direction of the aircraft.

The solo pilot could maneuver the multicopter within a fairly small area, no need for long and wide runway for conventional airplanes or helicopters.


Built with four propellers, definitely similar to Parrot’s A.R. Drone Quadricopter, only this time, a man could actually sit on top of the multicopter and fly it around.

The commercial version of the e-volo’s multicopter will be ready within the next few years, with option to go for a gas/electric hybrid model for increase flight time to about an hour.

No info about pricing yet, a bit cheaper than a helicopter? That’s still way expensive, isn’t it?

[ Source: e-Volo Team ]