Another great concept of eco car is the zero emission magnetic field powered concept car.

This concept was designed by, Harsha Vardha, a car designer that has the idea to come up with completely different city car using manufacturing technology that no car manufaturers ever tried till now. The designed a concept electric-car that could be powered through magnetic field generated from on-board electricity.


Eco Factor: Zero emission concept car powered by magnetic field.

The concept car shall be twin wheels transporter, taking shape resemblance to a big wheel chair.

Transporter TW (Twin Wheel) is based around an electric engine which produces a magnetic field to drive the large wheels.


Both of the wheel rims are suspended over a superconducting fluid where the changing magnetic field produces the motion needed to move the two wheels vehicle.


The power generator and motion is thus smooth, nearly noiseless and the most important of all is a green-vehicle. The occupant of the alternative energy vehicles sit in a cockpit and control the vehicle. The driver could sits in a swivel seat, and he enters or leaves through a port located at the back of the capsule shape cockpit.


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