Dave Hakkens has a new edible writing gadget called Edible Candy Pens. Made from edible candy comes in several flavours including peppermint, mixed candy, water melon, orange, banana and KiWi.


An intriguing edible writing gadget that will surely attract attention of those kids and grown up that have special tendency toward biting on their pens during classes or office hours.


Dave was originally going to create a chewable pen that wouldn’t get dirty, but he realized that up to 90% of pen that run out of ink will be disposed to the trash bin, he has arrived to a conclusion for creating completely edible pen made out of candy.


Dave also take his Edible Candy Pens further by adding substance to let the candy pen stay in its form without worrying about the candy will melt in your sweaty hands, which is kind of crucial for most pen biting market that love to write and bite! 😉


However, on the very end, you’ll still have left to discard the pen tip, which is made of plastic and ink. The Edible Candy Pens are currently in its prototypes stage, with no further explanation about mass production and further information about the consumability of the hard to melt Edible Candy Pens.

How much do you think, such product will be sold in the market apparently? $10?

[ Source: OhGizmo ; Good ; Dave Hakkens ]