What did the captivating Cleopatra do, that had driven Julius Caesar to conquer Egypt? Well, that’s the story of Asterix and Obelix, no offense, but Cleopatra was being pictured as the most attractive women in Egypt – a must have treasure for every great conqueror.

Well, what was her secret anyway?

ankh-tutankhamen-perfumeThe secret was said to be the ancient Egypt’s fragrance formula that was made into perfume. According to information from David Pybus, a maverick fragrance-seeker, this formula is obtained through a series of digging, archeology hard works, deciphered hieroglyphics, and so much other hardship to finally found the exact composition of the fragrance.

What Cleopatra was using is called Nenúfar, Sacred Scene of Cleopatra.

And now presented in elegantly packaged, each of these carefully blended intoxicating fragrance comes with a booklet detailing how the scent was lost, found and re-created.


But how in the name of Tony Robinson did David get his mitts on such long-forgotten formulas? Well, in true Indiana Jones style he scoured tombs for inscriptions, deciphered hieroglyphics, examined spores discovered in ancient gardens and even studied genuine samples preserved in volcanic rock. Incredible!

Brought to you by maverick fragrance-seeker David Pybus, Scents of Time are accurate recreations of fragrances used during the glory days of Ancient Egypt, Pompeii and Mesoamerica. Once you’ve smell these scents you’ll know why the Cleopatras and Eumachias (no idea why) of this world were so popular.

Scents of Time:


Nenúfar : Cleopatra’s Sacred Scent has been re-created by ‘head spacing’, a technique that involves stealing the aromas of preserved substances. The chief ingredient of this womanly scent is Blue Lotus, a bloom sacred to all Pharaohs.

Ankh – Tutankhamen’s Aroma of Intrigue : is a unisex fragrance reconstructed using actual written formulas found at Edfu on the Nile. Evoking the smoky aroma of burning incense, this is a fitting tribute to the boy king Tutankhamun.

Ankh       : £59.95
Nenúfar : £49.95

[ Source: FireBox ]