El-Assist is a electric vehicle charging solution concept designed by Vladimir Abramov. The El-Assist concept aims to reduce the number of private automobiles by integrating private driving with public transport.


The idea is to let private electric car owners to take passengers in exchange for electricity provided by the service, and hopefully in the long-run, it could lead to reduction of private cars and better public transport. Probably Vladimir forget about the potential or robbery, drunken passengers, sex abuse when all public transport passengers is allowed to get on any privately owned EVs?



The second idea is by providing and installing bigger and heavier batteries into EVs for longer and farther travel distance, which is not a likely hood for EV cars manufacturers to increase their EVs’ overall weight and assuming no further development possible for lithium-ion-battery or new light type of battery as energy source for future EVs.

A neat concept indeed assuming that private and public commuting could be integrated in a nicely organized community, but there will likely be opposite question on every concept that involve humans interaction and sense of safety and freedom.

[ Source: EcoFriend ; Vladimir Abramov ]