Have you wonder how many scooters exists around the globe? Base on Good Transportation’s report, there are around 17 million units across the globe and increasing. By 2017, it is estimated to increase significantly to 138 million units, provided, there will be no major ‘national or cross nation’ scale of natural disasters including earth quakes, tsunami, typhoon, flood, etc.

The good news is, by 2017, all scooters will likely become electric powered version, omitting all the pollution factors, all scooters will become green, eco-friendly and zero-emission commuting gadget.


Why should near future people love using scooter? Basically, if human population keep on increasing, you could imagine how worse the traffic jam condition will transform into, while roads and streets infrastructure are basically slower to build compare to one unit of scooter, and also taking into the consideration how densed population of urban areas, especially in Asia within the next few years.

So, there have been speculations that scooters will be much more efficient than cars, at the least, they will be more flexible for zig-zag-ing in the small space area and get out of the congested traffic much faster than a four wheeler could.

[ Source: Dvice ; GOOD ]