If floods have become primary concern in your neighborhood due unsolved global warming problem, you might be thinking of getting a watercraft for ease of transportation as well as self-help vehicle.

We have stumbled following 4-mph watercraft that hold a 12-volt electric motor with two-bladed propeller. Ideal for calm lakes or ponds, or for accessing secret swimming holes, fishign spots or visiting neighboring docks. Of course, will be a useful water vehicle post big floods where rescue team might not getting near your neighborhood anytime soon.


Furthermore, there is a waterproof 120-watt audio system, 2x 5-inch speakers that plays music from a connected iPod and a built-in cooler that holds up to 12 bottles or cans of your favorite beverages. This electric watercraft offers up to six hours of waterborne excursions for one person.

Trimmed with mahogany, chromed moldings, stainless steel drink holders and cradling riders in twin foam-padded recumbent seats upholstered in marine-grand vinyl. The dimension of this fiberglass constructed electric watercraft is 94 x 47 x 26-inch (LxWxH), and has a weight of 155 lbs.

Meanwhile, the lead acid batteries are dual sealed, and they recharge from AC without removal from the boat, alternatively, there is an automatic bilge pump integrated.

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