Perhaps most of human beings enjoy looking at cute little goldfish swimming inside a transparent glass bowl, hence, some of us just getting too lazy to feed the fish properly or change the water in a timely manner to let the real gold fish to live long enough inside the aquarium.

This is why the new Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is super useful for those gold-fish killers to enjoy the feeling ‘as-if’ having real gold fish for their interior decoration. This little cute dudes does not need to be feed with real fish food, and it will swims around as if alive.


However, you must first make sure 3x AA batteries are installed properly on the jar where the little gold-fish is swimming around, and you could also get the view over the gold fish at night by activating either the Play or E.P mode for morphing the LED lights from one color to another for the perfect relaxing fishy mood.

The dimensions of this electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is about 7.5 x 4.5 x 7.9-inches (including the bowl), batteries and water are not included.

No more sad moment of RIP your little gold fish dudes onto your toilet again!

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