If you feel that your belly has a remaining fats that need to get rid off, a simple solution would be going to gym for a regular work out under supervision of an instructor. However, for those that do not want to go to gym, you could choose to have your own version of exercise, whether it is morning walk, running, bicycling or other type of outdoor exercises.

ElliptiGo is a modded bicycle for workout that promise rider for a low-impact, high-intensity workout for all fitness levels. Designed by combining running motion with bicycle parts, who knows ElliptiGo might become your next favorite ride for outdoor exercise?


For indoor usage, in case of bad weather, you could mount it onto a stationary trainer whenever you feel the urge for doing exercise. ElliptiGo comes in 3 different models designed for various terrain and fitness levels, each model offers 3 to 11 gears of resistance for a speed up to 25mph, on flat land or climbing hills motion up to 30% grade. There are three color selections of green, orange and black. For ease of storage, transport and space saving, you could detach the front wheel or fold the steering column.

Of course, there are many other models or variations that come with different pricing in the market, namely the Zike Hot Shot Scooter, WingFlyer Z150 Metallic Silver and StreetStrider Summit 8r Galaxy Black.

Starting Price: USD1,799.-

For more ‘budgeted’ versions of work-out bicycles, you could checkout following page!