If you have been using Android smartphone or tablet, you must have known about the QR codes. This little QR code is useful for identifying various information related to specific item, software, download or games. The growing market awareness and acception towards QR codes become one interesting marketing tool for company or stores to boost up their physical products sales as well.

Hence, South Korea’s Emart has been implementing a rather unique type of 3D QR code through out city of Seoul, utilizing sun shine to activate the QR code on specific time between noon and 1 pm every day. However, in order to let this 3D QR code to properly functioning, the weather must not be cloudy or raining.

This is an interesting innovation on 3D QR code sculptures that could boost up sales for certain stores by offering special discounts during those quiet hours. Shoppers will be able to get instant discount code during those mid day hours by scanning in the QR codes into their smartphones for purchase in later hour or other day.


This innovative utilization of 3D QR code will certainly create more flexibility for shoppers as well as to stores, since the term could be immediately shown on shoppers’ smartphone, including pricing, discount validity period as well as for adding surprise bonuses or free gifts.

Beter known as Sunny Sale, Emart’s 3D ‘shadow’ QR codes is getting more and more popular these days in Seoul, hopefully we could see this in States as well as other countries across the globe pretty soon.

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[ Source: SpringWise ]