If you consider this is something porn, we have nothing to defend! For ladies, here is the gadget that will let you have the chance to save others’ lives. Following red colored bra is invented by Dr. Elena Bodnar, an air filter gadget that will help people to breath easier.


In emergency occasions such as forest fire, sand storm, explosion, radiological, biological airborne attack, natural disasters or simply a fire around your home or neighborhood, would there be any better and quicker idea where to get an air filter if you are not having any handkerchief or proper cloth to filter the polluted air, what else could you have think of?

Dr. Elena Bodnar’s Emergency Bra is made to be a protective gadget that capable to transforms a bra into two respiratory pace masks complete with the head straps to filter out harmful airborne particles, and Dr. Elena has noticed that most people don’t generally carry around specialized respiratory devices, a bra would be a good facemask for couple or family.


A noble prize winner for Public Health award, Dr. Elena Bodnar’s achievements is the first in the history that make people laugh and then make them to think. Emergency Bra is an unusual contribution for science, medicine and technology, but there is a consequence, as women donating her bra for saving others’ lives will simply bra-less!!

Price: USD29.99 [ Emergency Bra. in red color only, available sizes from 32B to 40C ]

[ Source: Gizmag ; Ebbra ]