Unlike the cartoon back in 80s, Jetsons family with their flying car, Mitsubishi Electric’s latest EMIRAI concept get you the feeling ‘as-if’ driving a futuristic flying car with a computer operated panel and futuristic ‘W’ shape driving wheel.

Mitsubishi Electric’s EMIRAI concept itself was shown to the public for the first time at this year Tokyo Motor Show, designed with biometrically-sensitive interface that offer auto adjustment base on the seat position base on facial temperature and current heart beats.

The computer operated side-touch panel at the right hand side of the driver’s side that allows users to do Japanese handwriting for now, and the buttons that dynamically change base on the menu selection.


The ‘W’ shaped steering wheel will up and down in responding to to the dashboard’s UI. No confirmation from Mitsubishi Electric when will this type of ‘futuristic’ EMIRAI concept will be implemented on commercial cars yet, but a rough prediction is about a decade from 2011.

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