Tired of scrolling down your mouse? Here comes a new mind-control type of headset that will help you browse through photographs on Flickr.

Emotiv EPOC headset is a cool gadget that will let you browse on pictures, photos or images using your mind power, the basic idea is to identify you present mood, if you feel happy, it will let you see a picture longer, or alternatively, you could control the browsing session by shaking head, blinking eyes or using concentration states.

In order to run Emotiv’s EPOC brain-reading headset, you will need to download the EmoLens app from the online apps store, right here.


Surely, the capability does not ended on browsing photos Flickr, the limited edition of EPOC headset will be released in the US for limited quantities. You will be able to use Emotiv EPOC headset for various occasion, including:

  1. Artistic and creative expression: by utilizing your thoughts, feeling and emotion to dynamically create color, music and art.
  2. Life changing applications for disabled patients: controlling an electric wheelchair, mind-keyboard, or playing a hands-free game.
  3. Games & Virtual Worlds: experience the fantasy of controlling and influencing the virtual environment with your mind. Play games developed specifically for the EPOC, or use the EmoKey to connect to current PC games and experience them in a completely new way.
  4. Market Research & Advertising: get true insight about how people respond and feel about material presented to them. Get real-time feedback on user enjoyment and engagement.


  • Emotiv EPOC headset = USD299.-
  • Emotiv EPOC EmoLens App = USD40.-

[ Source: Ubergizmo ; Emotiv ]