You might have been to Bali and tried the Maya Ubud’s spa before? Following emWave2 technology has nothing to do with Bali or Maya Ubud resort, instead, it is a brainwave technology unveiled by HeartMath claims to have the capability to monitor user’s mind and body physiology performance.

In other way of saying, HeartMath emWave2 is a gadget that acts as a self-tracking mobile device to help user to change their response to stress once their physiology performance starts showing ‘abnormal’ indication. Indirectly, emWave2 is useful to help user live a far healthier lifestyle, by detecting user’s present mood.


emWave2 is capable to generate chart for real-time readings of users’ physiology state, thus helping user to activate coherence state during any stressful situation arises. The only part for user to participate is to study how to appropriately release any arising emotional burden or stress in a healthy manner.

Not quite confidence if the emWave2 will work for everyone, but in case you have been trying any other methods in the market with no significant result, this is another system that might work for you.

Expect to see HeartMath’s emWave2 at CES 2012 that should be held at January 10th ~ 13th next week.

[ Source: Ubergizmo ;  HeartMath – emWave2  ]