Lemnis Lighting is coming out with something great! An energy saving LED lamp called Pharox. Unlike other ordinary energy saving lamps, Pharox is capable of saving 54Watts for a 60 Watts brightness lamp!



pharox-bulb-factsI just can’t imagine how much we, the bulbs’ users, have wasted on the fossil energy just to light up a bulb in the past! One more thing differentiates Pharox LED light bulb from the standard one is, this one’s got an estimated working life of 25 years. Imagine moving into a new house or apartment and bringing the lightbulbs over from your old place. Though we are not sure will the led lights preserve its brightness until the end of 25 years?

Lemnis Lighting  introduced the first LED light bulb as a direct replacement for incandescent lamps in November 2006. The Pharox was developed using the most advanced lighting technology available.

The result? A bulb that lasts up to 35,000 hours or approximately 25 years! It is clean, recyclable, had no UV radiation, does not produce hazardous waste and above all LED’s save enormous amount of energy. The Pharox LED bulb offers the perfect solution for the replacement of CFL and Incandescent light bulbs.

USD40.- [ Introductory ]
USD50.- [ Normal Price ]

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