If you are an accountants, writers or engineers you would surely be proud!

As here come the ergonomic keyboard specifically designed for accountants, writers or engineers! “A Second Saved, is A Second Earned”, that has been the mission for the Matias Optimizer Keyboard. As they claim could save an add up of one whole week  per year if you make optimal use of the ergonomic keyboard.


The Matias Optimizer ergonomic keyboard claims could make you work faster 22% during spreadsheet navigations, 35% in document navigation, 40% more efficient when erasing words, and 45% significantly  faster when pasting words.

While appear like the most of the ergonomic keyboards, with fancy backlit ones, have similar features, the Optimizer ergonomic keyboard has taken another step further.


You will find three forward erase keys in a row with the backspace key, and the keys specially dedicated for cut, copy and paste when they hold down the “Optimize” key. All the keys are designed to be near each other so that your left and right hand would find the most efficient way that could save more of your time instead of using mouse click around your screen to cut, paste or copying.

The Tab key also play another role to speed through forms and spreadsheets so your other hand is free to flip through receipts and documents alike.


The secret lies on the keys relocation, meaning commands are much closer with each other at the reach of your fingers so you don’t waste time on picking keys and mouse.

And the best part yet, is the Optimizer’s special functions are built right in to the keyboard, making it easy on you and your I.T. department to get started, no driver needed, just a plug and play!

[ Source: Everythingusb ]