Computer monitor with head motion detecting feature, this is the latest ErgoSensor Monitor unveiled by Philips. This should detect and inform viewers/users about their inappropriate sitting posture in relation to the monitor display position. This type of ErgoSensor is also useful for making interaction with viewers/users whenever necessary in order to obtain relevant information/input or to ask viewers/users to perform certain tasks.

The ErgoSensor technology on Philips’ monitor is possible owing to adoption of a range of sensors, including inter-pupillary distance that detect the dsitance between two pupils, as well as viewer’s neck position locator that would detect and whenever the sensors detected any inappropriate sitting angle, it will automatically suggest/inform users/viewers by generate a notice on display about the inappropriate sitting posture and suggest user to adopt better sitting posture for optimum health benefit.


Sound like pretty fascinating, isn’t it? Bet that many geek have strange/not ergonomic sitting posture, you might just not aware about your sitting posture, but in the long run, you probably have noticed changes of your backbone posture due to poor sitting posture.

The alert including the sitting posture and relevant distance between user to the monitor, but again, it all went back to the original source of problem, yes, the key issue here is user, if due to long hours of sitting and feeling back discomfort, it is advisable that you take a break by walking around your room or office for a while prior going back to your monitor.


No details on this Philips ErgoSensor monitor’s full specs, as well as pricing and availability for the U.S  market yet, but if you are livingin European region, you could get it for EUR285 per unit.

In case you found you have incorrect sitting posture due to inappropriate sitting habit, you could get a corrective brace right here, it will help you out to get ergonomic and correct sitting posture.

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Philips ]