An automatic espresso machine, built with sophisticated coffee brewing technology. Gaggia Accademia is one of the top brand of its class for the one-touch, programmbale push-button controls for making espresso. Designed with stainless-steel front panel, durable metal frame, bright display, and adjustable telescopic coffee dispenser with a maximum height of a little over 6-1/2 inch to accomodate a wide variety of cup sizes.

gaggia accademia 1003380 espresso machine

This automatic espresso machine has seven dedicated buttons for delivering espresso, caffe, caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte, Latte macchiato and a plain hot water for making other type of hot drinks.


You will find a removable coffee grounds container integrated at the front side, while the the adjustable telescopic coffee dispenser has a maximum height of a little over 6.5-inch to accomodate variety of cup sizes. The ceramic burr grinder with integrated bean hopper and double lid aroma saver for more practical purpose.


Strong points about Gaggia Accademia’s espresso machine:

  • The machine is fully adjustable by coffee strength, milk amount, water amount, etc. You can even adjust these settings on the fly via the color screen.
  •  The machine is bomb-proof. Another reviewer noted that there is still a lot of plastic and yes this is true (although much less so than in Jura machines), but the machine is all metal where it counts. In the in-store demo, the demonstrator lifted the machine by its hinges to show how well it is constructed. This machine will undoubtedly hold up to years of use.
  •  The machine has a “sealed” bean container that keeps the beans fresher that other brands of super-automatics that lack this feature.
  •  The automatic frothing container could not be any easier to use. You snap it in a press a button. It automatically cleans itself after use and any leftover milk can be left in the container and refrigerated for next use eliminating waste.
  •  Machine rinses itself before and after every use, so there is no “old” coffee taste when you brew your next cup.
  •  The quality of coffee is amazing! This machine produces coffee very close the the Pasquini semi-automatic at my office. The quality is much better than my Jura machines.
  •  The Mavea water filter removes the chlorine taste from tap water and lessens the amount of maintenance you must perform on the machine.
  •  The adjustable coffee “spout”. One of my biggest complaints with the Jura machines is that you aren’t able to fit a proper sized cup under the automatic spout. You’re limited to cups about 4″ in height. Because of the nearly infinite adjustments available on this machine, my 16 oz to-go mug fits no problem.
  •  The built-in frothing wand. Most of the milk that comes out of super-automatic machines is not hot enough if the latte or cappuccino is not going to be consumed immediately. This is not a problem with this machine. If the milk is not hot enough simply activate the built in steaming wand and heat it up a few more degrees. This is one of the few fully automatic machines that has this feature.
  •  The ease of maintenance – my favorite feature by FAR. The brew-group is removable. Simply remove it from the machine and rinse it out. No expensive trips back to the manufacturer for cleaning.


The weak points:

  • The price. This machine is very expensive. If you have couple-of-times-a-day trip to S’bux like I did, then the machine will pay for itself in about a year. However, it still in the same ball park as a lot of nice used cars.
  • The pickiness with coffee beans. With super-automatics you can not use beans that are oily AT ALL. This limits my bean choice and I am unable to use the beans of some of my favorite artisan coffee roasters.
  • The frequency of emptying the internal and external drip trays as well as spent coffee pucks. The machine has two trays and an internal coffee grounds drawer and they have to be emptied at least every other day or about after every five coffees. The Jura-Capressos had very large drip trays and dump bins that only had to be emptied about once a week. This can be annoying if you’re in a hurry in the morning and the machine flashes this message before you can brew a coffee.
  • The small water tank. This tank is very well designed, but it must be refilled after about 6 coffees. My Jura machines would brew about 20.

Depends on your preferences for an espresso making machine, should you think the pros outweight the cons and have a perceived value in your coffee making sense, you could always get this Gaggia Accademia espresso machine for a cup of hot espresso within 30 seconds, right here!