A solar powered portable wireless speaker system called Rukus is a product by Etón. Etón Rukus is designed to meet the spring market demand for those enjoy the warm feeling of spring sun shine while listening to their favorite music outdoor at their own backyard, beach or camping site.

One interesting feature on Etón Rukus is the E-ink surf segmented display that allow low energy consumption and offer easy readability even under the direct sunlight.

Eton-Rukus-Solar-powered-portable-wireless-speaker-systemEtón Rukus portable wireless speaker system comes with solar panel on the top side, built-in 2x 2.25-inches diameter drivers, Bluetooth technology, AVRCP/A2DP wireless audio technology for wireless music streaming, and a holder located at the center top of the wireless speaker for keeping your smartphone or MP3 player while carrying the Rukus wireless speaker system around.

Available in black and white color selections, you could also quick recharge the Rukus wireless speaker system via USB port.  Scheduled for release in second quarter this year, Etón Rukus portable wireless speaker system is one wireless audio device that you might want to have for the lovely summer vacation this year.

Price: USD149.99

[ Source: Etón Rukus – Portable Wireless Speaker System ]