Another crank type gadget is unveiled by Etoncorp during CES 2012, the Eton Crank Radio that available in black or red color design comes with some features that allow users to recharge their cell phone, LED flash light as well as tuning for AM/FM radio during emergency condition.

If you ever had the experience trap in the middle of nowhere during the horrible darkness during the hit of Katrina hurricane back in 2005, you might understand how important a hand crank mechanism to provide light and power for your cellphone for emergency communication purpose.


Eton’s Hand Crank Radio allow users to recharge their cellphone using a USB out port, while the internal battery could be recharged using either the top solar panel or using some human effort by cranking it manually. The dimension of Eton Crank Radio is 7.875 x 7 x 3.5-inches (H x W x D).

Eton-Crank-Radio-music-loopingThe Eton Crank Radio also capable to receive NOAA warnings, informing you about when is safe to get out from your shelter after the stormy weather.

Price: USD60.-

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[ Source: Etoncorp – The Hand Crank Radio ]