Evoluent vertical mouse 3 wireless – as an advanced version of Evoluent vertical mouse third generation, is a newly developed mouse ‘trusted’ able to relieved users from their wrist and arm pains caused by using of mouse.


Approved as ergonomic mouse by University of California at Berkeley, The Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 was evaluated in 2007 by a team at the health services clinic in UC Berkeley, including medical doctors, physical therapists, ergonomists, and administrators.



It was found to be comfortable, easily adapted to, and promote a neutral wrist and forearm posture. It is the only vertical type mouse approved for staff use within UC Berkeley and for sale in the campus store.


The patented shape supports your hand in a fully upright handshake position that eliminates forearm twisting and provide comfort of using. Many users said earlier models relieved their hand, wrist, or arm pain.

It’s available in two models, right handed and left handed mice.

Price:  US$80 for the ‘wired’ version (left or right handed),or US$120 for the wireless (available for right handed only).

[ Source: Evoluent ; Redferret ]