ExoPC has unveiled their teaser video about a multitouch surface table computing called EXOdesk. Prepared for display at CES early next year, ExoPC’s EXOdesk is a 40-inch desk offering high definition interactive, touchscreen display that supports multi-fingered gestures with cool user interface.

From the video you could see how user swipe the corner with four fingers to reveal what appears to be an RSS feed. Planned pricing at USD1,299 and will be available next year, don’t you think 40-inch HD touchscreen table is a bit heavy-weight for a home computer user? 😀

Not much technical details being revealed yet, but Samsung SUR40 is going for sale at USD8,400 this will definitely make ExoPC’s EXOdesk a hot topic on the net till CES early next year.


[ Source: News CNET ; EXOPC ; EXOdesk ]