There’s a lot of WiFi gadgets on the market nowadays, but WiFi SD Cards? Probably the first one in the market! Eye-Fi, world’s first wireless memory card manufacturer for digital cameras, has recently announced their plan to release the new WiFi-enabled SD cards in the UK market.


According to press release, there are three Eye-Fi cards soon will be released in UK on October 19th, 2009: Eye-Fi Home Video, Eye-Fi Share Video and Eye-Fi Pro. All these SD cards are come in 4GB storage space enough to stores up to 2,000 photos or 90 minutes of video.

The Eye-Fi’s SD cards will also provides automatic backup for the computer thanks to its wireless capabilities.

Eye-Fi Home Video = GBP49.99
Eye-Fi Share Video = GBP69.99
Eye-Fi Pro = GBP199.99

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