“When Your Shipment Is Vital, Know The Vital Signs”. Well, What do you think about the slogan? đŸ˜€

Medical world will greatly benefited by the presence of FedEx’s SenseAware gps tracking gadget. The device is a BlackBerry-size and it has the capabilities to provides real-time temperature, light exposure, accelerometer data to detect shock and drops, even the accurate gps location of the package during the delivery process.


Organs and surgical supplies critical for surgical process is crucial to the survival of patients, thus, this amazing gps will allow doctors and surgeon to take any precaution measures in case any delay was performed during the delivery process.

“Four years ago, we started thinking about the next-generation alternatives to RFID,” says Mark Hamm, FedEx’s VP of Innovation. What they came up with is a Web-platform, combined with a sensor the size of a Blackberry, loaded with temperature and light meters, as well as GPS and a cellular antennae. (During plane rides, the device automatically goes into sleep mode, monitoring data but temporarily silencing the data relays.) Thus, as a shipment goes out, its location can be tracked to within feet of where it is at any second, and the Web interface registers its condition in real-time–a device/platform ecosystem that Hamm likens to iPod/iTunes.

SenseAware is built with compact mobile technologies including GPS receiver, accelerometer, digital thermometer, cellular transmitter, and light sensor.

Price: USD120.-