You might have been to the Caribbean island and enjoyed the exotic beach dance with cocktails and classic Carribean native music with conventional drums. Enough with day dreaming, now back to reality, you might want to get the feeling of sunny beach and the exotic music on your desktop, whenever you feel a bit of boring with those paper works in your daily routine.

Here comes the Mini Finger Steel Drums, the little drums that come in a set of two and boast to offer satisfying sunny sound whisking you away to calm and relax environment.


Operating the Mini Finger Steel Drum set is simple, by tapping your either one of your fingers on top of the mini drum surface and it will produce the sound you desire. The demo feature will let you to enjoy the drum beats without having to touch your finger onto the drum surface.



Along with the package you will find batteries, and Mini Finger Steel Drum is suitable for children ages 5 and beyond.

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