A new, cute looking compact car introduced by Fiat for China market is the First Edition 500. It comes with unique graphics that could be selected to buyer’s preference prior purchase.


Fiat First Edition 500 is a 1.4-liter, 101-horsepower MultiAir engine compact car that comes with six-speed automatic transmission, red leather interior, three-coat perlescent white paint. There are five different unique graphics available, including Shangri-la, Life, Surprise, Fairy Tale and Follow your Instinct.






How about creating a simple story using the cars’ graphics name: “If you Follow Your Instinct, your Life is going to be filled with Surprises and Fairy Tales that will finally lead you to the discovery of  Shangri-la!” :p

Sense of art on your automobile? Fiat First Edition 500 gives you the options.

No info on pricing yet.

[ Source: Gizmodiva ; Fiat ]