The SSD technology and durability has long been a good word of mouths among portable hard drive users. With new advanced technology of recording and reading data from the solid state disk, the Green House’s SSD MLC model is now available in 128GB capacity drive.


Japan Green-House corporation has recently rolled out their new SSDs in the form of the the 1.8-inch ssd PATA and 2.5-inch ssd PATA series. These flash SSD drives are currently available in 16GB to 128GB storage capacities.

The key feature of Green House Solid State Drive is it has 1-chip SATA controller and the controller has the ability for placing multiple flash control up to four times simultaneously in a high-speed mode to access the same channel.

There are two different type between the flash ssd harddrive, the SLC and the MLC type.  The SLC model has a maximum read speed of 130MB/sec, writing speed up to 67MB/sec achieved, the industry – claim a high speed.

Meanwhile  MLC model has a maximum read speed of 120MB/sec, and a write speed up to 20MB/sec. MLC only further models will be available in 128GB capacity model.


The dimension is compatible with 2.5-inch HDD, 69.9 × 100.2 × 9.5mm (width × depth × height) and weighs taking only 80g. The Green House’s GH-SSDGS is the SLC model which confirm for a higher reading and writing speed.

Drive capacity of the Green House ssd hard drives are: 16GB/32GB/64GB.

Distinctive feature in this new SLC SSD harddrive is the MTBF (mean time between failures) which take a 2,8 million hours (for the 1.8-inch ssd harddrive) or approximately 319,6 earth calendar years, and the impact resistance stands up to 1,500G, while the drive voltage is 5V, taking power consumption only 1.6W.

Will this mean the ssd harddrive failure free for general human usage?


Considering to buy sdd for another backup protection against your current external HDD ? This product will definitely another reasonable and reliable strategy to fight against all odds of accidents in preventing data losses on your internal or external hard disks.

SSD price : no relevant price info from GreenHouse’s official site till 03rd July 2009.

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