Nokia has been working on something very impressive! It is a flexible, foldable and stretchable electronic skin that could adopt to future cell phone. The stretchability is up to 20 per cent its original size without affecting its function.

This flexible electronic skin technology is possible through conductor that was made into a stretchable electronic touchpad, that pretty similar to elastic rubber band.

And for the wiring, Nokia is using the nanowire sensing, a nanowire that located on top of a chip and being placed close to the sensing surface. When the electric current is passing through the nanowire, it will react differently base on the different substance nearby it.


The nanowire sensing will be accompanied by relevant software that will act as the sniffing dog to help the surface identify a substance correctly.

This is perhaps too complicated to get into its detail. Anyway, if Nokia success in developing the elastic skin, could you imagine the what the future fashion industry might become?

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Nokia ]