Did you ever feel tired for so many remote controls in your home? Or you always can’t find the remote of your choice? Ever thinking of getting a multi-functions all-in-one remote?


Luckily, there have been a product concept designer – Akira Kaname, that has been thinking of the so called all-in-one flip remote. The concept is to develop a hassle free all-in-one flipping style remote for all your electronic appliances in your home.


The design come in a slick and stylish black colored gadget. The idea is similar to tabbed computer windows where the different tabs contains different setting for different device.


For instance, if you want to reduce the volume of a music player, you will only need to flip for the music player tab and and reduce volume of the player on its touch-sensitive surface.

No info when this multi-function flip remote would be heading for mass production.