Ok, I know you are rich and wealthy ;), and if you enjoy listening to the peaceful and harmonic music or other high quality relaxation audio or meditating songs in your home sweet home, what kind of speaker would come across in your mind?


A Buddha shape glowing golden color speaker cabinet is designed by Ton Art. Dubbed The Floating Buddha speaker system, it was built using 23k gold leaf, Fiberglass, plywood, acrylic tubes, galvanized metal and fabric. The Floating Buddha speaker system has a dimension of 74x35x26-inches (HxWxD), weighing 150 lbs.



Under the seat you will find four 5-inches Dual Centric internal Spekers on the golden pyramid. The speakers have an average output or peak power of 60/240W, a frequency range of 80-54 khz, crossover frequency is 2.5khz.

ton-art-floating-buddha-23k-gold-speaker-systemYou will also find a built-in 20W halogen light complete with the switch and dimmer.

Price: USD43,000.-

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