Fujitsu has unveiled their latest Windows 8 Ultrabook that aimed to satisfy the women market. The latest Floral Kiss Ultrabook from Fujitsu is designed with feminine pink and luxury brown that should suit those career women’s color taste.

Fujitsu Floral Kiss Ultrabook is pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 8 OS and has apps that allow the ultrabook users to collect website bookmarks, making a diary as well as checking for their daily horoscope. Powered by Intel Core i5 processor, Fujitsu Floral Kiss Ultrabook is prepared for release by 2nd November this year. The premium designer version is expected to arrive few weeks after the standard commercial version hit the store.


It’s a Core i5 notebook with a 500GB hard drive. You could choose between “Elegant White”, “feminine pink” and “luxury brown”, while every ultrabook is pre-installed with Windows 8 apps like a digital scrapbook for collecting website bookmarks, a diary and a daily horoscope checker.



No info about pricing yet, don’t forget to check out other ultrabooks at competitive pricing, right here!

[ Source Fujitsu ]