Priced at the tower high value, the Flying Air Board is a personal hovercraft for those who have extra bucks on their pocket.


The product could be used and driven over concrete, asphalt, grass or shallow wet areas. Unfortunately, it can be hover over less integrated surfaces such as water, sand, stones or dirt-filled areas due to the vacuum of the bottom-side during operation. Let’s watch the exciting video…

The board could floats 8 inches above the ground and could move at 15mph. The hovercraft is fueled by 1.3 gal of gasoline per hour.


Two levers on the steering bar control the Air Board’s acceleration and brakes. The rider simply shifts his weight to turn. The Air Board also has a safety switch that kills the engine when the rider jumps off, so even if you’re hurled in front of it you won’t end up being sucked underneath.

Price: USD14,000.- [ get it here ]