Flying bicycle? Czech companies Technodat, Evektor and Duratec have set their next project to be an industry changer. Designed using the latest 3D modeling tools from Dassault Systemes to create a number of concept renderings of a multicopter bicycle that would operate similar to a normal bike while on the ground, as well as capable to take-off vertically and landing in the flight mode.

An early prototype version of this multicopter bike features eight propellers mounted onto the bike, but on further development stage, two stabilizing properllers have been eliminated to cut down the overall weight of the multicopter bicycle.

FBike, so does the name for this flying bicycle, is a four 10kW compact brushless electric motors for the 1300 mm (51-inch) diameter front and back twin propellers surrounded by composite casing and two 3.5kW stabilized motors for the 650mm (25.5-inch) blades at the side should be enough for vertical lift-off, which will be preformed from a static position rather than while on the move and flight.


“Theoretical power needed to lift a weight of 5-grams (0.17 ounces) is about 1-watt,” explained Vítu. “We have in total 47kW of power (and the motor can be overloaded for a short time), so theoretically the maximum lifting force is 2350N (235kg/518 pounds). The flight weight has been determined as 170kg (374 pounds), including the pilot, the difference being the losses (efficiencies of the components) and some for a power backup.”

The following video offers a closer look at the design rendered in the 3D modeling software:

The FBike holding 50Ah Lithium-polymer batteries that are located below the crossbar of the light alloy bike frame, there are ten accumulator blocks that are stacked one above another, where each block of accumulator have 14 cells connected in the series, weighing approximately 20 kg (about 44 pounds).


Mentioned project members are Jan Cinert, Jindrich Vítu, Martin DrÅ¡ticka, Michal Krivan, Filip PleÅ¡inger, Milan Duchek and Jozef Lajda. Sadly, this FBike concept is not meant to go into production, but more for marketing purposes. According to info leaked by project member, Vítu during the 3D model’s press conference late last month, FBike will have its first flight tests to take place sometime within mid-August.

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[ Source: Gizmag ; FBike ]