Aki Suokas, a Finnish aeronatucial engineer has recently launched FlyNano, a new single-seat aircraft that extremely lightweight owing to the carbon fiber material. FlyNano is designed for taking off and land on water surface. FlyNano is now available for pre-order and will be released by Summer this year.

Due to the cutting edge lightweight material and design, FlyNano is not considered to be a plane, instead, in most western countries, there is no need for  getting a flying license to take this baby up to the sky.



The 5 meters wide FlyNano is now being showcased at Aero Friedrichshafen event. FlyNano is claimed having the capability to take off with 440lbs or 200kg of weight loads, and it could fly up to 86mph or approx. 140km/h. Moreover, FlyNano has an eco-friendly 20kW electric engine and two petrol engine will provide up to 24~35bhp.

Estimated Price: EUR27,000.- [ Approx. USD39,000 ]

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