Thomas Rank has invented ‘FlyRad’, an electric unicycle 6 years ago. FlyRad offers the excitement of roller skating and offers flexibility of a unicycle. FlyRad was awarded the silver medal during iENA 2010, the International Trade Fair for “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” held in Nuremburg in October this year.

FlyRad comes in three sizes of adults, teens and children. Designed with 500W motor and powered by a 36v battery, FlyRad is capable to reach optimum speed of 25mph or approximately 40kmph.

flyrad-electric-unicyleA full 4 hour recharge would bring you about 50 km or approx. 31 miles. FlyRad has a weight of 24kg (53 lb). You could also request for a 1,000W motor and stronger batteries extra mileage. Expect to see the first FlyRad in German by 2011 at unknown price yet.

Wonder if such type of FlyRad electric unicycle racing will take place anywhere soon?

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