An FM Radio taking the outlook of classic guitar. The receivable FM frequency range is 87~108MHz, on the guitar you will find TF Card Reader slot that supports TF Card up to 8GB storage capacity, MP3 player, 2x 2W 50MM Speaker and built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery.



The Classic Guitar Look FM Radio has a dimension of 15x7x3.5cm, weighing 113.5 gram. You could fully recharge the built-in lithium battery within 3~5 hours timeframe and you could play .mp3 audio content using the MP3 player or export it to your desktop speaker when you are at home.

fm-radio-with-classic-guitar-outlookYou will find four buttons for stop, forward, play/pause and next at the guitar’s neck area, while the strings are simply ornament and can not be played as any normal guitar.

Price: USD23.89

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