Having fun skateboarding? Well, if your kids or yourself still active in playing skateboard, here is the foldable skateboard for easy storage that could be folded into a 14.3 x 7.87 x 5-inches dimension, made of 6061-T-6 high grade aluminum, ABEC 7 bearings for fast and smooth cruising using the 56mm premium 85a urethane wheels.

The folded dimension will fit easily into backpacks as well as smaller locker, you could bring the foldable skateboard inside your backpack without having to carry it on your hand during your journey to the city park or a secret skateboard arena where only a few of your team mates know about.

Above video shows us how this fold-able skateboard could be used as if the standard wooden or fiberglass one, as there are hinges to secure the board, it won’t fold up without your hands-on involvement, so, it is should be safe for users.





Price: USD119.-

[ Source: Ati USA ]