For motorcyclists with hobby building up their own superbike, François Knorreck should be counted one of them.

François Knorreck a France hospital technician has successfully built his own superbike that looks more like a car with a bike by spending over 10,000 hours of labour spread across 10 years time frames and 15,000 Euros.



“While this is a very special vehicle, the Laverda touch is obvious. This is not only the triple engine which does that but probably a smart and hard work on the global design. The rear part recalls the RGS side panels. The glorious triple 1000cc seems magnified in this red dress.”

Kinda admired his dilligence in building the SuperBike for 10 long years! No info if he is going to auction his car or not. 🙂

[ Source: Hacked Gadgets ; Breganzane ]