Is it possible to power a toy car using salt water? Too good to be true? Well, following toy-car from Amazon is one cool toy that built using non-toxic materials and will need salt water as the main power source!


Amaze your kids, nephew or niece, whatever, this eco-friendly salt-water fuel car has a white dominated car body design with blue semi- transparent glass has bundled a mini syringe for salt water refill once the ‘gas’ is running out.


This fantastic Fuel Cell Car provides a great opportunity for children to learn about environmentally friendly fuel consumption.You’ll be amazed at how the car will run just by adding two drop of salt water!

Each kit includes a detailed instruction booklet to help you assemble and run your 7cm vehicle.While some parental assistance may be required, follow the steps to improve your cars performance!Your small and inexpensive toy should run for about 15 minutes each time you add two drop of salt water. If it begins to slow down or stop,simply add some more water and away you go!


No electricity or batteries, you read it right. Impossible? Check out the Salt Water Fuel Cell Toy Car, right here!


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