Starting last year, when you heard and saw intense advertisements and news released on 3D display technology and 3d digital camera, you might have been wondering at that particular moment when will 3D printing machine ready for mass production?


3D Printing System

You must remember the Fujifilm finepix 3D digital camera we have reviewed last year, aren’t you? Fujifilm seems understand the hidden needs of the market and has capture the possibility behind those 3D digital camera technologies and is preparing to roll out their new 3D Print System. The Fujifilm 3D Print System that will ease 3D digital camera to print out captured 3D photos.


This Fujifilm’s 3D Printing System will have integrated “Image Intelligence” technology. This technology allows one to print using thermal sublimation in order to transfer images straight onto lenticular sheets to create a 3D effect. The device is predicted to arrive in the market at second quarter this year.

No details about pricing yet, but don’t expect it will go cheap on this revolutionary product.

More info from FujiFilm’s official site here.